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20th-22nd March 2015 Villa de Leyva, San Gil - Colombia

  • Villa de Leyva is a pleasant, cute and stylish colonial small town with whitewashed houses, cobblestone streets and the largest town square in South America. Once here people were executed, but today it is the place for celebration and festivals. This town is also a popular for filming soap operas. There were many program options around, but I stayed only for a day and wanted to feel the atmosphere of this town. I visited the lively market on Saturday morning, and realized that there are still sooo many fruits I don't know. 
  • I had the most exciting white-water rafting experience! This is what I call rafting on the most adventurous and intense rafting ever! The friendliest and most professional guides I have met so far; the most exciting river - Rio Suarez - I have ever been (my first river class 5 experience; level 6 is the top, for the suicidal ones :). Respect to all 3 + raft guides and kayakers all over the world.
    San Gil is the “outdoor sports” capital of Colombia - which includes all kind of activities from hiking to rafting, rappeling and paragliding. Also the hilly town has its charm with its colonial buildings. There is the Gallinero Park along the Río Fonce with 300-year-old Ceiba trees, moss hanging from them and many tropical plants and birds.
    On the market (of San Gil) we were buying spices and when we asked if it were red pepper and curry? The vendor didn't know, just told us that it was called color red and yellow. Discussion closed.:)
    There is a strange culinary speciality in this region: you can buy fried giant ants…