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I am pleased to greet you on my site, where I select photos that have been taken in moments I felt unique and precious.

I believe that life simply happens. This is the way these photos were also taken; once a special moment came accross that I felt I would like to capture before the next moment begins...In the meanwhile, sometimes it is just as beautiful to soak and live in a moment without capturing it.  

Now I would like to invite you to this visual journey. I hope some of my photos will be able to share that feeling I experienced there in that split second.
As a musician’s soul is reflected in his music, the photographs we, image-lovers take, display and show our way of seeing the world; they are a kind of „picture book” of our personality.


Professional events

Since its launch in 2012, monwanphoto was 
interviewed ( 6 ), had exhibitions ( 8 ), 
and published 2 photobooks:

20th February – 26th May, 2012
“Impressions” photo exhibition
Pótkulcs Ruin pub, Budapest
15th December, 2015
Publishing the book "Living and travelling
the Path, South America"

7th February, 2016
Online interview published
on the „women around the world” blog


6th March, 2016
3. Unwalked Path Festival
Cultural Center, Budapest
25th April (– 30th May) 2016
"Living and travelling the Path, South America" 
book launch, photo exhibition and trip presentation

Pótkulcs Ruin pub, Budapest
20th May, 2016
Live interview on the radio
Karc FM, Budapest
7th November, 2016
Live interview on the radio
Trend FM, Budapest


14th November, 2016 – 28th February, 2017
Photo exhibition and talk show
Jankovich Mansion, Rácalmás
6th October, 2017
Online interview with the 'Let it slow' movement
13th March – 31st August, 2019
Photo exhibition at Inca Gold Exhibition
Komplex, Budapest
10th April- 3rd June, 2019
Photo exhibition "Radiant Colombia"
organized by the Embassy of Colombia
Hadik, Budapest


18th April, 2019
„Inspirational moments” book launch
published by Matthias Church
25th April, 2019
“This Morning” live TV show interview
a new photographic publication about the
Matthias Church
M1 TV Studio, Budapest
5th May 2019
Phone radio interview
Karc FM, Budapest
25th June – 17th July, 2019
Photo exhibition "Radiant Colombia"
organized by the Embassy of Colombia
Klebelsberg Library of the University of Szeged, Szeged

14th January – 7th February, 2020 
Photo exhibition "Miracles of Perú"

organized by the Embassy of Perú
D18 Café, Budapest
31st January, 2020
Colombia Day, exhibition and screenings

organized by the Embassy of Colombia
Uránia National Film Theater, Budapest