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18th January – 13th February 2015 Peru

  • It was good to arrive in Peru, where again I understood everything after spending more than a month in the Portuguese-speaking Brazil. The Spanish language was very helpful during the whole trip, few people speak any other language. In Peru beside Spanish, Quechua is the other officially recognized language, and some Native American communities speak additional indigenous language, the Aymara, too.
    Peru is probably the most known country in South America by everyone because of its Inca past and its colourful culture and traditions. Before the Spanish set foot, indigenous people were practicing their mysterious religions, believed in the Sun god, the Moon goddess, in the Pachamama, the Mother Earth, and so more than 80% of the inhabitants consider themselves Catholic.
  • This was the first place where I had the feeling that I am undoubtedly in the South America I imagined. Native people with their characteristic appearance (here I felt the first time that I am a stranger because of my blue eyes, being tall and white), many in their traditional cloth working on the lands or trying to sell their goods and services on the streets (many times in an unpleasantly pushy way). Also here was the first place I experienced a distinctive behaviour towards "gringos" (foreigners). Luckily there were friendly, smiling, helpful, open-minded Peruvians too I met.  Peru is cheap only if you eat at the market or grab something from the street sellers like sandwiches, bakery stuff, all type of meat and unknown dishes for 1 Peruvian Sol (appr.30 Cent, 90 Forint), otherwise the prices are just as in Central Europe and in other countries I have visited so far in South America. Most of the prices seem not be set or shown, I guess it depends on sympathy and on how much money they think you have... The majority has a very simple and even poor life standard, houses often stand there unfinished and lots of children grow up on the streets. The traffic and driving style (honk as much as possible :)) and living on the streets reminded me of India. Women carry their children and everything they need, wrapped and tied to their back in shawls. Political campaign is all over painted on the walls.