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1st-5th April 2015 Bahía De Taganga, National Park Tayrona - Colombia

  • What to do at the Caribbean Sea on your birthday? Something I have never tried before, so went to try scuba diving – and Taganga is a really good place to do it. First, I was a bit nervous if I can really trust the equipment and will be able to breath with it and stuff like that. The crew was very welcoming and experienced. We were shown a film about the basics of diving, we completed a quick test if we understood it all, then got our equipment and off to the sea where everything was explained to us: the pipe, the technics, the main signs to communicate underwater. And after a 20 minute boat ride we were soon swimming in the depths of 10 meters with amazing coloured fish along the corals.
    It felt very natural and relaxing to be down there, in a minute I forgot about everything else. Just enjoyed moving freely in the water and witnessing the wildlife there. The only strange thing was at the beginning is to hear myself inhaling and the bubbling sound of exhalation. The bubbles are truly beautiful as well.
  • Taganga where I was based is a dusty fishing village, with lots of street dogs and bars, parties and because of Easter week, also many Colombians. It is located in a small bay, close to the Tayrona National Park and also to the diving places around an island nearby.
  • So this last week in Colombia was about being in other worlds, in a lost one and also in the world of underwater, which was new for me at this depth. Also went to see Colombia's most popular national park, the Tayrona. This park is famous for its beauty and for its sandy beaches. There is also a nice view from the water up to the tops of the 900 meter peaks of the park. I was wandering through this tropical coast where very diverse plants were giving me shade from the sun so I could stay away from the burning sun. I started to feel that it was slowly time to go home, I seemed to spend all the time now in shadow.
    The next was my last flight within South America to Aruba, visiting and staying with a friend for 5 days before I left for the last long series of flights, to the sweetest destination: home, to Budapest.