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5-11th April 2015 – Aruba, Budapest

  • I was going home, not the first time after such a long period, but for sure now I felt the most excited about it... Waiting for my flight in Miami to Barcelona I started to believe that this long journey with all the meetings and experiences had come to its end and I will be home in a day. I love flying, especially the powerful take off, but I would not have minded forwarding the time a little bit to make this long travelling home shorter.
    The island of Aruba was my final stop visiting a friend, staying at his house and being treated by everyone immediately as part of their family. I really like in SA this way of living: people here are all together in their free time, I think not many of them stay lonely behind their computer.
    Aruba is a perfect place to relax, feel no tension, to be with very nice and fully relaxed locals, to enjoy its amazing beaches and all year-round good weather.
  • This small island (36 km long and 11 km wide) in the Caribbean Sea belongs to the Small Antilles and is part of ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao).
    The beaches have white sand and breathtakingly beautiful turquoise (in many shades of it) warm sea. It is a paradise for sea sport lovers, good snorkeling and scuba diving is provided, also it is a good place for surfers because of the constant wind.
  • The prices are pretty high, but there are so many large hotels, casinos that it doesn’t seem to be a question/problem to for many people. This tiny island has the best carnival of the Caribbean, I got the chance to see a mini festival. Here you can find everything you need for everyday's life, there is even a prison, a clinic for drug addicted ones, windmills, banks, shopping malls, cinemas, everything. And of course air-conditioning in every place, its temperature set for “penguins” :).
    The locals speak the pleasant sounding Papamiento between each other, an interesting mixture of mainly Spanish, Portuguese, English and Dutch words. Dutch is the official language, but most of the people speak excellent English and Spanish too.
  • I also met some really friendly Venezuelan guys; probably for a while, this was the last time I spoke Spanish. Due to the crisis in Venezuela, my travel plans to visit that beautiful country were cancelled, although Aruba is only 29 km north of Venezuela.
    I am glad to have met wonderful people and families, having some stability and spending the last few days like this. But I have seen and travelled enough, and was pleased to get home, to my ones and to hug finally again my missed family and friends.