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2-5th December 2014 Buenos Aires, Tigre – Argentina, Iguazú Falls – Brazil & Argentina

  • Hola from Buenos Aires! My first month of the trip is over. I love when maps come to life as you visit them: they become a feeling, a colour, a smell, memories of smiles and people, not only a geographical name. 
  • I visited Buenos Aires, the busy capital of Argentina, South America's 'Paris', the busy and elegant, European styled capital of Argentina. Everywhere around you can see, feel the impact of the mainly Italian and Spanish immigrants by visiting the city's various district's attractions and feeling the different atmosphere. The La Boca quarter is still one of the most bohemian quarter, one of the areas the tango started from around 1870s. Today it looks rather like a neglected area.
  • Tigre, the so called "mini-Venice" with its islands created by several small rivers, where the Parana river flows into the Rio de la Plata, the river that connects Argentina with Uruguay.
    I was visiting a Maté tea museum here.
  • Iguazú rocks!!! 2 amazing days! I never expected this place to be that impressive, it has an amazing energy and power! Feels like I entered a Paradise of animals and plants on Earth.
    275 waterfalls, falling sometimes even from 80 meters height. Brazil and Argentina are also fortunate having a part of this natural wonder.
    I spent two wonderful days in this amazing place, for which I am extremely grateful. On the first day there, I had already a fun day and this was 'only' the Brazilian side.
  • There you get a better overlook of the area, while the Argentinian side awaits you with trails above the waterfalls and you can get really close, feeling the power of the waterfalls, almost touching the water. If you ever get there, bring a raincoat with you before you enter the 'garganta del diablo' (Devil’s Throat) or just enjoy the shower, it is FUN in 30+ degrees. The second day I got on a boat that took us to the foot of massive waterfalls, and we had a power-shower. Another unique experience I am grateful for. Well, not for being totally soaked, but it was part of the game leaving with no dry spots :)
    I saw monkeys, small reptiles, the Irish Guinness beer's symbolizing bird, the tucán, also met the 'locals', the coatis. They look really cute, especially the small ones, but they bite.