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23-26th March 2015 Barichara, Cartagena - Colombia

  • Also went to see Barichara with a friend, where many Colombian soap operas are shot.
    I truly liked this calm, beautiful small colonial town, not only because of its cobbled narrow streets, colonial houses and special temples, but because of its very pleasant atmosphere and lovely people. Oh, and the weather here is already constantly 30°C+. All these places in Colombia have fans inside their houses, restaurants, everywhere and to use my suncream 60 is a must!
  • CARTAGENA. This Caribbean coastal city is full of life and has a fantastic, charming flair with its colored houses, ALL with balconies, large internal patios. Probably the most beautiful and colorful city in South America. The Old town is a Unesco World Heritage Site. If you have to pick one to visit, this is the one. During the day is 38°C, during the night temperature falls till minimum 26°C, so there is a chance to get some sleep.
    Cartagena was founded in 1533 as one of the first colonial town in the New World and served as the main port in South America; nowadays they say it is the world's largest drug port...Many pirates tried to occupy this town, most infamous was Sir Francis Drake, who held the town hostage for more than 100 days. After these experiences the residents began to construct and surrounded the city with a 13 km long stone wall. 
  • Many tourists discover the city from a horse drawn carriage, the way they used to travel back centuries ago. Still, poor horses pull those carriages all day long, and in this heat...
    A guy told me that lots of celebrities have apartments here like Mick Jagger and Shakira. I was just strolling through this amazing historic center, no beaches visited this time. The Caribbean beaches are still coming, I have 2 weeks left, 1 week in Colombia and 1 in Aruba.