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13th December 2014 – 17th January 2015 Brotas, Itamambuca, São Paolo - Brazil

  • My friends were working in Brotas and from the first day on their Brazilian friends made me feel that I am part of their families. That meant a lot to me, especially that I was far away from my family at Christmas time. There was a gathering organized almost every evening, also Christmas and New Year's Eve were spent in a big group of lovely people.
  • In small places like Brotas and Paraty, all the people were very friendly and caring, supportive, it was important to them that those who are with them feel good. This way the initial language barrier disappeared soon. We communicated with less words, still we understood each other.
    It is a very free and exciting feeling to travel and meet new things and see the world, and it is very unique to live with locals, eat their food, meet their everyday’s life, listen to their problems, share their happiness, do things they do.
  • Here, the sunshine and love of life are in people’s blood.
    I did not took too many photos these weeks, I was more inspired by the people. So these photos were taken just to give a feeling of the atmosphere around there.
    I spent some days at the ocean in Itamambuca with friends which is one of the most famous surfing destinations in the world.